Going beyond teaching “How to Fish”​. Future of Education & Training

A father teaching his loving daughter

This is the story of two teenagers. Both were living in a poor village with no education and no occupation. Begging for food or doing small domestic work to earn a plate of rice was their survival method. One day a wise man travelling across the village saw these two boys begging for food. He got rather angry with the boys. He shouted at them.

Why you lazy boys going begging? With your strong body and the head on your top, you should be able to earn some money by your own”. Poor boys replied together. “No one wants us to show how”. Wise man felt bad for scolding, so he thought to treat them for lunch. Then he remembered……

Give a starving man a fish, he will not starve for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will not starve for life.

Still, he bought them lunch, knowing nothing will go to their brain when they were hungry. He also bought them fishing gear, took them to the nearby river and taught them how to fish. Both learnt the lesson quick and started not only catching fish to eat, but also to sell and have a good income.

Few years passed and one day another wise man went across the town. He saw these two and asked a question, “Why don’t you look for something new and learn to do something new?”.

One guy quickly replied, “Why should I? I’m living a good life”. But the other started thinking. He asked, “Can you tell me, how I should look for new things, how should I learn new things?”. Wise man showed him, how to learn.

Things went as usual for some time. Both growing their business. But one day a long drought came, and the river vanished. First guy lost his income and not knowing to do anything else, he had to go back to begging. Because the second guy learned how to learn, he quickly studied how to teach fishing online and started an online training business.

Moral of the Story: Learn to fish will only avoid hunger for some time, not forever. Learning how to learn and to seek opportunity will avoid hunger for ever.



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